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Pedini: It endorses kitchens since 1956 and it is included in the first enterprises that developed the composition of kitchen furnitures, penetrating thus in the world market with its products.

Pedini's kitchens have technical gifts and aesthetics of certainty and duration over the years, with wide spectrum of furnishing possibilities. This means that they are designed and produced, as furnishing and as creative tendency of high quality.

This is the philosophy with which Pedini studies and realises its products in a continuously more careful and demanding market. Essential privilege is the quality in the finishes and in the processes, the constant research of alternative materials, the creative capacity in the interpretation of the kitchen space, via the experience and the manufacture techniques.



febalFebal Cucine: "The flavour of Italian Kitchen" for 47 years, the 'leader' in the sector of Kitchens in Italy and in the world. 

The Febal kitchens are undoubtedly recognized for the quality of their production, designed and realised, already from the start, in collaboration with famous Italian architects and designers.

The main characteristics that make Febala successful and reliable enterprise, are connected with its ability for innovative research, reasoned elegance, aesthetics of forms, chromatic nuances and style that are selected according to the functionality of lines and with respect of the details. Everything in order to satisfy, the wishes and the needs of various ways of life.



doimo cucine photo

Doimo Cucine: Its fast and increasing expansion in the past few years is based indeed on the pursuit of three distinguished objectives that concern three key points: product, functionality, services.

The search in the sector of designing and the parallel technological research, that was realised in collaboration with significant designers and technicians, led to the creation of kitchens that are in position to offer a lot more in regard to designing `concept', the distinct additional elements, the innovative materials and the original composition solutions.

The high quality of providing services has established a relation with its clientele, based on the without discriminations confrontation of customer and on the consistent dialogue. The Doimo Cucine, member of the biggest group of furnitures of Italy Doimo, constitutes its main representative in the field of kitchen furniture.



colombi_niArtec: The 'brand name' of Colombini Group in the field of kitchen furniture. Rich collection of modern and classic models, with a lot of colour and material choices, that breathe the Italian design, in incomparable relation of quality - price.

The technological innovation allows the optimisation of time and cost, maintaining high qualitative 'standard', that Colombini makes action via:

a) the 'just-in-time' production (without stock of final product)

b) the completely automated processes of storage and distribution

c) the use of latest technology and the incorporation of flexible innovative solutions in the production

d) the control of all the order cycle with the help of informative systems

e) the automisation of distribution, that makes almost instant the passage from the order up to the delivery